LED Light for Car Headlight – What You Need to Know

The car front lights are the "eyes" of the car and one of the essential safety configurations for driving at night. From more primitive kerosene lamps to today's laser headlights, technological advancements have revolutionized the lighting industry and also greatly improved the lighting effects of vehicles. There are a plethora of innovative headlight bulbs to choose from today, with prices ranging from a few unitary to more than 1000RMB.

Throughout the development history of car lights, the LED light for car headlight has been the fourth generation of headlight bulb types, after kerosene light, incandescent light, and xenon light. Because of its energy-saving and eco-friendly and millisecond start properties, car LED headlamps have become the trend of choice for current car companies.

As technology advances and costs fall, car led headlight bulb becomes ubiquitous on cars to ensure safe driving. These days, it’s affordable for car drivers to upgrade the LED headlight for car.

LED headlights:

Led is regarded as a kind of energy-efficient light source. The light source used in the lamp is the LED energy-saving light source, which is applied to the lamp in front of the car.


Types of LED headlights:

Upgrading your car headlights can make your driving at night safer. There are two types of LED headlights: one is dual-beam LED headlights, the other is single beam LED headlights.

It’s the often case that happened to my customers who bought a dual-beam LED headlight for a single beam headlight system. A professional car headlight manufacturer tells you this doesn’t work.

1. Single Beam vs Dual Beam Bulb Headlights System

To put it crudely, there are two bulbs in a single beam headlight system: one headlight bulb has the low beam function, the other has the high beam function. The dual-beam headlight system uses one bulb built with both low and high beams.

2. Dual beam LED headlights vs Single Beam LED Headlight

  • Dual-beam LED headlights

It comes with the high and low beam functions in a dual-beam bulb built into a single bulb unit. A dual-beam bulb means that it can switch from low to high beam in one headlight and back again. When the headlight is on, the bulb is also on. Generally, like H4 LED headlight, H13 LED headlight, 9007 and 9004 led bulb are dual-beam bulbs.

  • Single beam headlight bulb

There are two separate spaces for the headlight bulbs in some car designs: one to create a light beam for the lows and the other to create a beam for the highs. When the headlights are turned on, one of the bulbs lights up and the other bulb goes out. When you switch from low to high, the low beam bulb turns off and the high beam bulb turns on. For example, the H1 LED headlight is for the high beam, and the H7 bulb is for the low beam.

One concern is that If you use a dual beam bulb for your single beam headlight system, which simply will not work. Each assembly has its own specific bulb size and headlight mechanism.

Advantages of led headlights

  1. Energy-saving and low cost

The luminous efficiency of leds is nearly twice that of fluorescent lamps. For the same daytime running lights, the energy consumption of LED components is only 1/20 of that of halogen lamps.

Besides, the cost of LED components has also been greatly reduced year by year, which makes them affordable and accessible for clients.

  1. Long life

Nowadays, technological advancements improve the service life of LED components used in car which can basically reach 50,000 hours. What’s more, some renowned automotive headlight manufacturers have been developing LED components with a lifespan of 100,000 hours that is 11 years. Taking into account the frequency of use of the lights and the design life of the vehicle, the LED components do not need to be replaced.

  1. Good durability

With the features of simple structure, excellent impact resistance and shock resistance, the led component has strong adaptability to various environments.

  1. Small in size, compact and easy to layout and design

LEDs is small in size that can be squeezed into tight spaces and arranged in various patterns. With that, it fully satisfies the evolutionary needs of car manufacturers in design, and breaks the limitation of styling innovation.

  1. Fast response speed

The lighting of leds only needs microseconds, which is quicker than xenon lamps and halogen. Because of higher response speed, LEDs used on taillights and turn signals can achieve better warning effects.

  1. High brightness

In comparison to halogen lamps, the attenuation of light brightness of LEDs is much lower. It’s the great option for lighting and warning lights such as turn signals and brake lights.

  1. Good adaptability

LED headlights have the advantages of small load, weak interference, low requirements for the use environment, and good adaptability. It can be driven by low-voltage direct current.


Disadvantages of LED headlights

1.The heat dissipation problem: Life span is tied to heat dissipation. The worse the heat dissipation, the shorter the service life.

2. Regarding low power, the low-end LED lamp is greatly inferior to that of energy-saving lamp(cold cathode tubes, CCFL).

3. The initial purchase cost is high.

4. Due to the strong directivity of LED light source, the special optical characteristics of LED should be considered in lamp design.

Car headlight led bulb price

The price of LED headlights mainly depends on heat dissipation problems, lamp beads problems, as well as brand, etc.

  1. Under $50: LED headlamps in this price range may be bright or super bright, but you get what you pay for. In comparison to pricier brand, it may have lower lumens and shorter lifespans. Still, it has LED headlights of good quality for under $50.
  2. $50 to $100: The products in this headlight bulb price ranging from $50 to $100 typically have higher lumens and longer lifespans. They can illuminate the object farther away, but meanwhile, they will cost a little more.
  3. $100 and up: Undoubtedly, these LED headlights are greatly inferior to less-expensive versions. They feature up to 10,000 lumens and the longest lifespans. But correspondingly, you will cost most.

Each auto LED headlight bulb developed from us is worth every penny you pay. Welcome to consult Tiansheng Electronic to get car headlight led bulb price.

How to Select the Best LED Headlight for Car

We’ve rounded up some key elements that should be taken into account, including brightness, color temperature, light type, safety and service life.

1. Brightness

Lumen value is believed to be tied to brightness. Generally, the higher the lumen value, the brighter the car headlights. Many unscrupulous car headlight manufacturers will preach the high lumen value of products to prove the brightness, but in fact, they did not test and calculate the lumen value with the correct method. Generally, good manufacturers will use an integrating sphere to comprehensively calculate the lumen value. The integrating sphere, also called luminosity sphere or luminous sphere, is a kind of professional high-efficiency device used to collect the scattering or emission of light from the sample inside or outside the sphere.

The test result of lumen value will be affected by many factors, such as current size, lampshade thickness, calculation algorithm, etc. And it’s incorrect to judge whether the car headlights are bright and the performance is excellent if based on the lumen value measured by a single, brightest point.

2. Color temperature

With regard to color temperature, it is not that the larger the value, the better the performance. Study shows that when under the circumstances like high color temperature lighting, it’s more energetic for human brain and feel more comfortable for human eye. And the natural daylight has a higher color temperature. With that, the color temperature of the car headlights is close to the natural daylight.

The eye perception is influenced by different color temperatures, and the most comfortable value for the eyes is color temperature 6000K. The general color temperature of the car lamp products of major car headlight manufacturers on the market can reach 6000K. 6000K is the natural daylight color temperature between the scorching sun and the cloudy sky, which is very comfortable to the eye. If the color temperature is higher than 6000K, the color of the light will be bluish, and the human eyes will have obvious discomfort when driving under a car light with a high color temperature for a long time.

3. Headlight bulb types

The headlight bulb type refers to the angle and shape of the car headlight. It comes with two positive effects on car headlights for a good light pattern.

One is a clear cut-off line of light pattern, which is a guarantee for safe driving. If there is no clear cut-off line of light, the light pattern will be scattered and not condensed. More seriously, the driver of the oncoming car will feel dazzling when meeting the car, which will affect safe driving.

The second is that a good light pattern can illuminate a wider road in front of the car, so that the driver will have a wider vision. On the basis of the clear cut-off line, it ensures the distance from 50 meters to 75 meters as bright and clear as possible, which can help the driver find obstacles earlier.

4. Safety and longevity

The first criterion for choosing any product should be safety! Next is the service life. For LED car headlights, the heat dissipation directly affects its safety and life.

There are two types of heat dissipation for LED headlights on the market, one is fan heat dissipation, and the other is heat dissipation belt. Relatively speaking, the active fan heat dissipation is better than the passive heat dissipation belt. And the heat dissipation efficiency is higher, thereby increasing the life of the car headlights.

5. Brand and quality

In addition to the above 4 points, we also need to look at quality and comprehensive cost performance. For example, many led lights for cars headlights on the market are without the endorsement of a major brand, the quality cannot be guaranteed. We need to choose a trusted and guaranteed best led bulb brand for cars. Beyond that, it also depends on the overall price/performance ratio.


How to install led strip lights in car headlights?

When driving at night, it’s, first and foremost, to ensure that you can clearly see every object in front of you. It depends on the lighting capabilities of your car LED headlamp. The brighter the light, the safer to drive. As LED technology advances, LED headlight has been a competitor to the standard halogen light or incandescent. It’s time to change your current one. Before that, you must have a brief understanding of how to install led headlights in car.

The LED headlight conversion kit has step-by-step installation instructions. Whether you ask a mechanic for help or do it by yourself without any experience of installation, following the steps will help you get the best results.

  1. Selection of the right kit

There are two LED headlight types to choose from: one is single beam LED headlight, the other is dual beam LED headlight. The LED headlight should match with your current headlight housing/ system. For example, dual-beam bulb comes with both high beam and low beam functions in one dual beam LED headlight. Each headlight assemble has one bulb which can be switched from low to high beam in one headlight and back again. When the headlight is on, the bulb is also on. And you need one dual-beam LED kit.

If it comes with the single beam bulb, it’s used either for high beam or low beam. At this time, each headlight assembly has two bulbs separately performing each function. When the headlight turns on, one of the bulbs is one and the other bulb is off. And you need two single-beam LED kits.

  1. Preparation for installation

Park your car 20 feet away from your garage with the headlights on. Mark your headlamp beam on the wall with tape. Your LED headlamp kit includes two bulbs, wires, two ballasts and termination connectors.

Take care to protect the ballast and wires from any possible damage. You can use drill bits or self-tapping screws or double-sided tape to fix the ballast.

  1. Install the Headlight
  • Remember to turn off the engine and cut off the power before installation. If the car has just been driven, it is necessary to wait for the car to cool down. Open the engine cover and you can see that there are two dust caps at the positions of the lights on both sides, one is the high beam light and the other is the low beam light, so pay attention to the position of the replaced lights before installation.
  • After unscrewing the dust cover of the low beam headlight, you can see that a plug is inserted into the halogen lamp of the original car. The structure is not complicated and should not be difficult to operate.
  • Then unplug the plug, press the original car spring, this spring is used to fix the bulb in position.
  • After pressing the spring, the original car bulb can be easily taken out.

At this time, the original car’s halogen lamp has been dismantled. Here we need to remind you to avoid touching the lamp beads on the LEDs during the replacement of the car lights. Because of the dust and temperature of the human hands, touching the lamp beads will easily lead to the life of the car lights. Become shorter. In addition, do not disassemble the original car bulb immediately after use, because it is very hot and easy to burn your hands.

  • Then separate the chuck on the LED car light and place it in the response position. Pay attention to a small gap on the chuck, just align it, and then press the spring pressure piece to fix the chuck.
  • Insert the car light into the chuck. At this time, pay attention to the small gaps on the chuck and the car light.
  • After inserting the LED car light, you need to rotate and adjust the left and right direction of the lamp beads, that is, vertical installation. Only in this way can the automotive led lights have the correct light pattern, otherwise the light pattern is not right for astigmatism! This is very important!!! Many car owners and even the installers do not understand, mistakenly think it is a problem with the product, in fact, it is caused by incorrect installation.

Future prospects of LED headlights

At present, LEDs have been widely used as automotive auxiliary lights. In many places such as turn signals and fog lights, LEDs have replaced other forms of light sources. However, because the cost and heat dissipation of high-brightness LEDs have always been a problem for developers, LEDs are still immature as the main lighting source for the front of the car. If you can break through this bottleneck, the future of automotive lighting will be the world of leds.


Car headlight manufacturer

Tiansheng Electronic is proud to be one of car headlight manufacturers of China to offer a wide range of LED lights bulbs for cars. We develop and manufacture LED headlight that makes contribution to successful use in thousands of vehicles.

Tiansheng Electronic creates LED car headlights of all models and sizes.

Model No.: H1 LED car headlight, H4 LED car headlight, H7 headlights, H8 headlights/H9/H11, HB3/9005 , HB4/9006, HIR2/9012, 9004/HB1, 9007/HB5, H13, D2S/D4S/D2R/D4R/D4C.

Since the cost and heat dissipation of high-brightness LEDs have always been a problem for developers, our D & R team have always been dedicated to developing the most workable LED bulbs. We've got embedded a good repute in the lighting industry, catering to our clients to produce LED light bulbs for cars with the longest lifespan and best performance.


To Sum Up

For a car, the headlights are like its eyes, especially when driving at night or in other adverse conditions such as rainy day. The car headlights are an indispensable auto accessory that ensure safely driving. Led light for car headlight is a popular type of lamp in the current market. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!



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