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      BRAND NEW ORIGINAL FACTORY         Product Name P70 LED Car Headlight Bulbs Service OEM & ODM, Free Laser Logo Watts & Flux 55w 6600lm/bulb Light Source CREE XHP70 Operating Voltage 9v-32v Life span: ≥30000h Certificate IP68 CE RoHS Material: 6063 Aluminum + Vacuum Red Copper Tube Heat Dissipation Vacuum…
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While most new cars have car headlight LED, LED car headlights are still not the industry standard. Manufacturers are trying to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, so it is increasingly important to reduce electrical strain on cars. This is where car led headlight bulb come into play.

How do Led headlight for car work?

LEDs are just semiconductors that emit light when current passes through them. However, they only work when current flows in one direction. They require very little current to lighten them so they use less energy from the engine and battery than halogen or other xenon.

The current flows from cathode through the anode. This is done by adding conductive material and insulating material. The semiconductor emits photons which illuminate the road ahead.

The advantages of led headlight bulb

- Auto led headlight energy efficiency

- Led headlight kit relatively inexpensive

- Led headlight bulb for car long life expectancy

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