Small body S7


  • Factory High Power S7 H11 Led Car Headlight
    BRAND NEW ORIGINAL FACTORY       Advantage: More stable quality All-in-one Design, Small LED Body Easy Installation +230% Brighter than Factory Halogen Bulbs Newest internal circulation heat dissipation,Exclusive 12000/RPM Bearing Turbine Fans for Faster Cooling.       Established in 2004,Guangzhou Tiansheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech company integrating…
  • Small7 9005 Hb3 Led Headlight Bulbs For Car
      BRAND NEW ORIGINAL FACTORY Advantage: 1) +300% Brighter than Factory Halogen Bulbs 2) Exclusive 12000 RPM Bearing Turbine Fans for Faster Cooling 3) Small LED Body, All-in-one Design, Easy Installation 4)Newest Internal circulation turbine fans cooling           Products testing certificates and won many medals in…
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Automobile manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to make their products more technologically advanced. Many manufacturers are currently interested in technological advances in lighting. All vehicles had halogen headlights in the past. Manufacturers are now replacing halogen bulbs with LED car headlights. It is easy to wonder if LED car light bulbs are the best choice and what the pros and cons are. Let's dive deeper to find out if LED car headlight bulbs are right choice for you.

The advantages of LED car headlight bulbs.

Perhaps you are wondering if LED car bulbs are the right choice for your vehicle. There are many benefits to these headlights that you should take into consideration. You can expect your car to last longer than halogen bulbs if it is equipped with LED car headlight bulbs. LED car headlight bulbs are 15 times more durable than halogen bulbs so it is a good reason to switch.

LED headlight bulbs can also be energy efficient, vibration resistant, and shockproof. They are also very durable.

They also have a bright light. LED lights make them even more visible. It feels like you have your high beam on when you use low beam headlights with LED car bulbs.

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